One Last 900 Call

"Hi there this is Misty .what can I do for you tonight?" With a smoky voice and a hint of anticipation, I could be the woman of your dreams. I knew what you needed, you already hinted it as we talked before, but you needed that one last fix for the night. I heard the excitement in your voice as I answered the phone; I made all your fantasies come true for just a few minutes. It had started out so innocent. I was a young girl who had found the "dirty magazines" tucked away on the side of her grandmother's bed. I read them for years, and learned what "real" women would do for their men. I wanted one man, but those books made it sound like one man at a time was not what real men wanted.. Violence was in my past. I had a Father who lost his temper, and many times I felt the results. I knew I would control my future and the control my Father exercised over me; I would learn how to exercise over men. I married a man who had a sexual addiction. His addiction soon fed mine. He sent me off to my first affair when my son was two, and I learned that another man made me feel so very different. Reality soon meant there were two men rather than one. Pornography fed all our addictions. Watch the movie, imitate the act, and feed the mind. An endless game of trying to satisfy something inside that always wanted more. I left the marriage and soon found that I could control men with my voice. I was the free 900 call they needed, and I made myself available to anyone who wanted a fix. I felt the same rush, the same need, and I could share myself in a sane, safe way or so I thought. I could not get enough. When sex on the phone was not enough, I found men who needed a night of fantasy and found a way to provide it for them. They always wanted more; I used them and walked away. . On April 28, 2004, at 42 years of age, I met once again with the only Man who could offer the hope and the peace that I needed. I was in a hospital looking at the X-Rays of my heart, when I realized there was perhaps no hope of the next day. Reality told me there was something very wrong, and I knew it was time to face the reality my life had become.. I feel to my knees and asked God to find a way to make some peace and sense out of a life that had gone so terribly wrong. The games that I had been playing with, no longer seemed important as I called friends and family and made plans to deal with any news the cardiologist would have for me the next day. God spoke to me that day, and offered the peace I had been searching for. I gave control back to Him. Over the next few months, I faced my addictions through a church and an R/U Program. I asked God to take away the need for those fixes, and my control I needed to feel over men. The woman, who used to understand men and their needs, now sees things in a different light. The last call she made was free. God is always there and those minutes I spend with him are at no charge to me. So, you think a 900 call is the answer? It is a fix for a moment, and offers you a thrill for a minute. Why not try a "free call" to Jesus, and ask him to satisfy the longing in your soul. I guarantee the call is free and He offers a peace that no woman or man can satisfy.

If I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me here.